Common Orthodontic Issues

Crowding of the teeth

This patient was seen at our office after all of her permanent teeth have erupted.  By that time, four permanent teeth needed to be extracted due to the amount of crowding to align her teeth.  She wore braces for 24  months and now she loves her new smile.

Openbite: Caused from oral habits

This patient had a tongue habit. She rested her tongue between her teeth on the right side. She was able to change her resting tongue position then we were able to start treatment at age 13 she had braces for 22 months. Now she can bite through her piece of pizza.

Openbite: Front teeth don't touch

Due to this patient's jaw structure, her front teeth do not come together. This patient had braces as an adult. Her braces were on for 28 months and she required jaw surgery to correct her bite. Now she can bite through her sandwiches and not leave the lettuce behind.

Deep overbite: Lower front teeth bite into palate

This patient's lower front teeth touch her palate when she bites. At age 12 she had braces and headgear for 24 months. Now she enjoys her nice smile.

Missing lateral incisors

This patient's lateral incisors were congenitally missing. She had braces for 24 months to move her canines into the lateral position. The canines were shaped to look like laterals and now her smile looks great.

Underbite: Lower front teeth in front of upper teeth.

This patient had a severe underbite. He had braces as an adult for about 28 months and required jaw surgery to correct his bite. Now he has a functioning bite and a beautiful smile.

Spacing of teeth

This patient didn't like the spaces between his teeth. He had braces at age 14 for 24 months and now he loves his smile.


Overjet: Protruding front teeth

At age 12, this patient's top teeth protruded beyond the bottom. She had two phases of treatment. The first phase was a functional appliance and headgear. This helped her jaws to grow in the right direction. The second phase was braces which aligned her teeth.  At age 14, she was proudly displaying her new smile.

Non-braces treatment

Sometimes braces are not needed to get improvements in tooth alignment. This patient had crowding of her permanent lower incisors. She was seen before all of her baby teeth were out and by placing a space maintainer this allowed her permanent teeth to align.

Phase I

This patient had an overbite and spaces. At age 10 she wore a headgear and a removable retainer for 9 months. Now the alignment of her teeth and her bite is much improved.